Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Defective Darlings

I could not resist putting this link on my blog. Do go through this list.Only cold heart monsters will be able to come away without wanting to cuddle these 'mutants' of the animal world

And they say that only those who are 'normal' are lovable!

Ps: I don't mean the crocodiles and alligators though. Nothing can make me love those ugly, overgrown lizards!


Shilpi said...


I loved this un. Thanks for putting this up. I wanted to pet that hedgehog and the lions (the lions look a bit of a mix between baby lions and growly bears) and that lanky, solemn faced camel...the peacock looks beautiful and something out of a dream.

Snowball,the hedgehog and the lion cub get my cuddles. Lanky, the camel gets my petting.

Yes, the alligators and even this turtle I could give a miss.

The title made me smile. Back in school we had a popular term: 'delicate darlings'. But this one, which you've used, is unique.

Nice one about the 'normals'.

Thanks again for putting this up.It was a lovely surprise. For your previous post - a comment is in 'the making'.

Love and luck...


Shubho said...

The peacock was marvelous. I loved the lion cubs, the hedgehog and the squirrel the most. But the crocodile is not as ugly as you have said. Even the camel was one that I liked very much. The gorilla was interesting, and the koala was cute.

-- Subhadip da

Suvro Chatterjee said...


It is good to see you can love 'defective' creatures. On God's good earth, most of us humans, too, are 'defective' in some sense or the other. Most have (often undiagnosed-) physical or mental handicaps of one sort or the other. Geniuses have often been called 'abnormal' and 'sick'; great teachers have been called 'fundamentally damaged'. Where is the 'perfect' man or woman? Even the Buddha, some would say, had defects. And the Buddha is not someone everyone can admire and appreciate anyway. It is both good and important to love 'defective' things, because it may perchance make us better human beings...and we know the special joy that comes from saying about someone we love 'teda hyaye, par mera hyaye', don't we?

Saikat Chakraborty said...

Dear Pupu,

Here is a somewhat similiar link-


I hope you will love them too.

With best wishes,
Saikat da.