Monday, July 26, 2010

A Warm Thank You

Today, my blog has become one month old. I already have twenty one followers, and the number of visitors has almost reached six hundred and fifty. I am extremely grateful to all those who have taken interest in my blog and have been with me till now. I hope to continue with my blog for a long, long time to come. Maybe someday it will become a much more widely read, widely visited blog. My daddy says that it has been a good effort. Also, I am open to any suggestions about how I can make this blog more interesting and attractive. 


Shilpi said...

Best of Luck, Pupu. I look forward to reading your blog through the coming years...

I was looking for new posts this weekend and the last weekend.

Hopefully, you'll have a new post up by the coming weekend. Yes?

I'm rather woolly headed when it comes to giving helpful suggestions. Just write about things you can share with your readers...(see - that's really helpful!)
Take care.

Tanmoy said...

Dear Pupu

Best of luck. It indeed is a good effort. I am sure there is much more to come from you.

Take care

Tanmoy da

Vaishnavi said...

Dear Pupu,

Happy first month birthday to your blog! More power to you, looking forward to a lot of lovely writing :)