Sunday, June 20, 2010

Making a Beginning

Writing is something that I have enjoyed from childhood. The first of my little stories involved a certain “Ram Babu” and his travelling anecdotes. My parents tell me those were quite entertaining. Unfortunately, I have lost all the loose sheets in which they were written, though many of my later short stories are stored safely. However, it is not just formal ‘stories’ that I enjoy writing. Anything that catches my eye in day-to-day life, any particular incident that has left a deep mark on me, even the review of a good book I read, all get penned down in my diary.

My father started his first blog in 2006, and a second one last year. I am a very regular reader of both, and some other blogs listed there. The idea of starting my own blog has been revolving in my head for quite some time now. The blogs that I read act as inspirations. I was not very sure about whether my starting a blog would really be appropriate, as I’m hardly fourteen yet, until very recently. My father himself suggested that I do it. After getting his unasked permission, there is no stopping me. Here, I shall open my heart and write about anything that comes to my head. The good thing is that there is no specific word limit or time limit that will constantly be nagging me and poking me at the back of my head, and telling me, “It’s time to stop!” I am looking forward to many happy hours of writing. I also look forward to comments from more competent and worldly people correcting and guiding me with their ideas and thoughts on life.


Shilpi said...

My dear Pupu,
This is wonderful! I can't quite tell you how happily surprised I was to have clicked on the link which led me here - but maybe you can guess.

Writing flows in your blood as I've known for the time that I have known you.

It is a relief indeed to be able to write what one must and it is both a relief and a delight to be able to share some of what one writes with some like-minded people, and I completely understand the sentiment: there's nobody to nag you or prod you telling you that "it's time stop!"

Congratulations of course, my blessings for your new venture - whatever my blessings are worth - and good luck as well. I'll be expecting to read many a delightful, thoughtful, and interesting piece here.

Anonymous said...

Though I don't personally know you, but still, I am more than just happy, and obviously extremely pleased to read your first post. I had always expected that you'd someday definitely start writing here.
Hearty congratulations for your new blog, and yes, this what you said is absolutely true, here you can write all that you feel like, there's nothing to stop you in any way whatsoever.


Anirvan Choudhury said...

Dear Pupu,

What a pleasant surprise. Congratulations, best wishes and lots of love for your newest venture.

The power to express in an articulate and lucid way is not everyone's cup of tea. But you have that extra ordinary heirloom already running in you. As for your age you are quite mature and vastly well read than a lot us.

Now you do have a medium to preserve your thoughts, creations and share it with us as well. I am sure my own little princess will find a ideal idol in you.

Best of luck and many decades of Happy Blogging

with lots of Love


Tanmoy said...

Dear Pupu

Many congratulations and lot of good wishes for your blog. I am looking forward to your writings.

When I was six year old, I wrote five one page stories (I thought they were stories!). My grandmother knew a publisher, who used to visit us. She literally forced that poor guy to publish those stories so that I am encouraged to write. I am embarrassed to share those stories now but it surely encouraged me to write more.

That was a start for me.

I am sure you will do very well.


Aki said...

Hi Pupu,

It is really nice to see you on the internet. I am really delighted to see your blog. Congratulations! It is a very beautifully presented blog (better than your fathers, haha).

It makes me happy to see that you are putting the internet to better use than most people of your age. I am sure you will learn a lot and have fun too.

I will look forward to reading interesting pieces here.
Wish you luck.


Urbi Chatterjee said...

Thank you so much, all of you for encouraging me to write. I might be boring you at times though, because I'll be writing about regular things that happen to me, and not all of them will be very exciting or deep, I fear.

Nishantda, we don't know each other personally, yes, but I have often heard of you from baba, and he might have mentioned me at times. I'm glad you liked my first post. Hopefully, I will be able to keep coming up with new ideas to write about for a long time.

Anirvan kaku, you are right. Writing is a gift that I have inherited from my family, and I am very grateful for it. I am waiting to meet your little princess, and I am sure I'll find a very good friend in her.

Tanmoyda, I wish I could meet your grandmother. I am sure I would have loved her! Many thanks for the luck.

Arnabda, thanks a lot, but I wish you'd tell me which Arnabda you are.You see, baba has so many students and ex-students, that I sometimes get a bit muddled.

And Shilpidi, all I can say is, thank you!

Rajdeep said...

Ki re Pupu!! Great to read your new blog! Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pupu,
I am so very happy that words won't be enough to express my feelings. Writing is in your blood. So there's no doubt about that...And don't you think that you would be boring your readers by writing day to day stuff because sometimes we find them more entertaning and interseting than other stuff. And your stuff will definitely delight me a lot.
Just wish you good luck. Keep writing. I must say you have guts to write a whole new blog. That's because when I had gone to Sir, a similar thought came up to my mind but I never had the courage to write a blog...

With love
Anurupa di..:)

Amit parag said...

Hello Urbi,

Living in a city with half a million deadhead teenagers is sometimes tiresome, in the capacity that there are hardly any with whom one can have an intelligent conversation. Keeping his in mind, it will surely be an interesting experience to talk with someone who is well read, pensive and articulate.
Welcome to the world of blogs!


Urbi Chatterjee said...

Thank you, Anurupadi and Amitda. I am already find blogging very, very interesting. I have written quite a few articles already, but since I can't publish all of them together, I am having to wait for some time. This is positively a very good activity indeed :)

Suvro Chatterjee said...

I am butting in just to tell you, Pupu, that you are blessed indeed. That in this busy and frantic age so many people responded so quickly and so warmly is something that I find almost miraculous. I want to add my own grateful thanks to all, and I am looking forward to much more activity here: by way of regular posts, many interesting comments, and an ever-increasing number of good people who follow your blog. Happy writing and reading!

Vaishnavi said...

Dear urbi,

Hello! First of all I must say I love the name of your blog! I have a heard a lot about you from Sir and have seen some pictures of you on Sir's blog :) I too used to love story writing a kid. My first ever story was something about a princess and a falcon. I am looking forward to read many nice things here!


Saikat Banerjee said...

Dear Pupu,
What a pleasant surprise!! Nice name for the blog.

"Living in a city with half a million deadhead teenagers is sometimes tiresome, in the capacity that there are hardly any with whom one can have an intelligent conversation. Keeping his in mind, it will surely be an interesting experience to talk with someone who is well read, pensive and articulate."

Courtesy: Amit Parag

This aptly describes how I feel.

Wish you best of luck for your future. Happy blogging!

Asha said...

Dear Pupu,
Congratulations for starting a blog of your own. Till now I've been following your dad's blog,now I'll do your's.I'am expecting many more interesting and delightful posts in the days to come.Once again congrats and a very big god bless.

Asha Kamath